Rinnai News

RINNAI has been named 'Korea's Most Admired Companies' for 12 Years.

RINNAI has been selected as the number one company in the domestic boiler field for twelve years.

Rinnai has been evaluated as the most admired company in boiler field.



Rinnai has been selected as the number one boiler company in "The Most Admired Company” survey for twelve years which is implemented by the Korea Competency Association.

"The Most Admired Company” survey is enacted to insure the customers and persons concerned have a proper understanding of company activity by evaluating the comprehensive section of company's value.

RINNAI has been recognized as the most admired company by taking over competitors in “Comprehensive Company's Value Survey” which is attended by analysts and industrial executives, customers, etc.


Especially, in the section of “The Green Management” which is listed in the social value section of the survey, RUNNAI has received a higher grade than last year, so that RINNAI could be the number one company in the Green Condensing Boiler Field.

In addition, for solving environmental problems like fine dust, RINNAI has signed a MOU for inducing a boiler exchange with Seoul City.

Thanks to all who have helped us be selected as the number one company for twelve years.
We are increasing the company’s value as an admired company through increasing competitiveness with innovative activity.