History of Rinnai

Based on the energy and strength gained from 40 years of continuous growth and development,
Rinnai Korea will vigorously step forward with a high-powered spirit to keep challenging and accomplish its vision.



Thanks to the foresight of former President Kang Seong Mo who worked in the trading industry at the time, a joint corporation was established with Rinnai Japan, which marks the first step taken by Rinnai Korea as the pioneer and innovator in gasification of domestic fuel and the kitchen culture. Founded in 1974, Rinnai Korea began the operation of Plant 1 in 1975 and encountered a boom and economic growth in the domestic market buoyed by the government's gas fuelization policies implemented in 1978, launching a variety of products and taking leader's footsteps.


Founded Rinnai Korea, Challenge for the Future

During the days when most people cooked
from briquette furnaces or small kitchen ranges.


Gas fuelization policies opens up the door
to the domestic market

As the government implemented gas fuelization policies in 1978, the door into the domestic market became more open, and business started to blossom around this time.


Began production of infrared 2-burner grills


Moved the Seoul Office to Severance Building near Seoul Station


Expanded Plant 1

As the domestic market became more wide open, Plant 1 equipped with capabilities of mass production was extended while a series of new products were released.


Opened dealerships and expanded the sales organization

Advertisements to attract potential dealers, coupled with product ads, were posted in newspapers, leading to establishment of about 30 dealerships in Seoul, Busan, Daegu and Gwangju, and the sales group grew as the business expanded and became more active.


From Oil to Gas

In early 1980s, Rinnai Korea led the gas equipment industry, established the total quality management system, and recorded 30 to 40% annual increase in sales, experiencing a rapid growth. Having experienced steady growth thanks to the government's introduction of LNG, Rinnai Korea equipped itself with a variety of manufactured goods, highly professional plants, and advanced after-sales service system.

1983. 05

Opened Busan and Gwangju Branches

1984. 05

Manufactured a gas-using flameholder, the first of its kind in Korea, and donated to the 64th National Games

1984. 06

Moved the Seoul Office to Yonsei Bongrae Building, Jung-gu

As the company grew, so did the number of employees at the Seoul Office, reaching 150 people. It moved to a larger office and, around the same time, the 24/7 after-sales service system was constructed.

Released OneTouch Gas Range, the first of its kind in Korea (Model No.: RT-2SV, RT-3SV)

A widely distributed model equipped with safety valves, it gained much popularity from customers at the time.

1985. 07

Established corporate affiliate R&D center

Due to the establishment of a corporate affiliate R&D Center, all R&D activities were divided into two groups, and more professionalized in the process: product development and applied research in development teams while basic research in R&D Center.

1986. 12

Advanced into the gas boiler business full-scale

As LNG was more widely distributed starting in 1987, Rinnai Korea released its first gas boiler product, making a bold but winning move as the leader of the gas equipment industry.

1988. 03

Manufactured and donated the flameholder at the 24th 1988 Seoul Olympics Main Stadium

1990. 06

Started 24/7 year-round after-sales service policy
(Operating Before Service and Happy Call)

In the 90s, Rinnai Korea's after-sales service policies became more systematic and were operated to maximize customer satisfaction.

1984. 01

Constructed Plant 2 equipped with the most advanced facilities for increased production

1984. 07

Launched the first fish griller for restaurants

As the restaurant industry developed along with the improved standard of living, the number of restaurants increased and, in turn, the needs from the store-use kitchen equipment market also increased.

1985. 04

Obtained Korean Industrial Standards (KS) mark for gas range, the first of its kind in Korea (KSB8114)

1985. 12

Achieved 50% share in the gas range market

1986. 05

Surpassed the monthly production volume of 100,000 gas ranges

1986. 06

Donated the gas flameholder for the 10th Seoul Asian Games

1987. 09

Moved Plant 2 of the headquarters

Launched 1-pipe, 2-waterway ratio control gas boiler, the first of its kind in Korea (Model No.: RB-15000S)

1987. 11

Opened Rinnai Day Care Center

Even from today's point of view, opening of Rinnai Day Care Center is a very innovative, advanced action, being the epitome of a company proactively attempting to solve childcare issues often shared by employees who are mothers.

1988. 09

Opened Daejeon Branch

1988. 11

Opened Daegu Branch

1990. 05

Obtained Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) mark for gas range, the first of its kind in Korea


Another Legend

Stepping into the gas boiler market was Rinnai Korea's "bold move" on which the company's future hinged. For Rinnai Korea that has been the successful and dominant No. 1 in the gas range market, preparation to take on a new challenge was necessary through diversification of business items.

1991. 05

Launched RB-16000ST model

This model was mass-produced in a series of submodels including premium and low-cost models by Rinnai Korea. It was operated by a premium LCD remote control and contained a simple timer, the first product in Korea to have such features.

1994. 11

Constructed Rinnai Gangnam Center

1995. 03

Obtained ISO-9001 certification

In 1995, the management slogan was to strengthen its corporate competitiveness through ISO certifications and, thus, company-wide efforts and abilities were focused on acquiring the certifications. As a result, it acquired ISO-9001 certification from Japan's JIA-QA Center for all of its items and processes regarding gas equipment, the first company to do so in the domestic industry.

1995. 05

Constructed Rinnai Building, the company office in Seoul

On May 13th 1995, Rinnai's Seoul Headquarters is constructed on 0.74-acre land in Changcheon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, residing in a building with 10 ground floors, 2 underground floors and 4.18 total acreage. With the new Seoul Headquarters built, various groups dispersed in Seoul Office and Incheon Plant 2 could now work in the same environment.

1997. 04

Opened Incheon Branch

Developed the first laminated heat exchanger in Korea, KT Mark - Ministry of Science & Technology


Established real-time informational exchange Extranet between HQ and dealers

Operating Extranet through which information related to products are exchanged real-time between headquarters and dealerships enabled a smoother cooperation and strengthened sales and promotion activities.

Established Gyeongsan Logistics Center

1992. 05

Received the Prime Minister award on the 27th Day of Invention (Outstanding Patent Management award by Korean Intellectual Property Office)

1992. 06

Obtained Korean Industrial Standards (KS) mark for gas oven range, the first of its kind in Korea (KSB8115)

1993. 11

Received the World Intellectual Property Organization Director General Award for its gas ratio control technology, at 1993 National Outstanding Invention Exhibit

1996. 01

Declared 1996 as the first year of innovation in management

1996. 12

Opened the online website of Rinnai Korea (www.rinnai.co.kr)


Surpassed sales of 1,000,000 gas boilers, the first one to do so in domestic market

1999. 04

Surpassed total sales of 20,000,000 gas equipment, the first one to do so in domestic market


New Life Culture Creation

At the beginning of a new millennium, Rinnai Korea declared a new vision and reaffirmed its resolution on achieving the vision. The vision of the new millennium is "New Life Culture Creation Company" and aims to consistently increase the market share and actively respond accordingly to the changes in the distribution market, carrying out discount store and e-business projects and advancing to the built-in market, a new future business.

2002. 07

Established Rinnai CS Co., Ltd.

2004. 04

Selected as the Outstanding Company in New Labor-Management Culture

2005. 07

Opened in-house contracting business

2005. 10

Founded Korean Red Cross Rinnai branch


Moved and opened the new Rinnai Day Care Center

2006. 10

Received the President award on the 1st Day of Pregnant Women

2008. 10

Established Rinnai Plus Co., Ltd.

2009. 04

Signed an agreement to sponsor Building House of Love movement

2009. 11

Launched the commercial steam convection oven, the first of its kind in Korea

2003. 03

Developed the Internet-controlled boiler, the first of its kind in the world

Development of the leading-edge gas equipment system, which features the home network high-speed Internet boiler technology, led to the first Internet-controlled boiler in Korea, which enables to control a boiler either outside or inside the home via a PC with Internet

2006. 09

Extended the free warranty period for boilers to 3 years, the first-ever in the industry

2008. 11

Awarded as the Outstanding Company in Employing Senior Citizens

2009. 09

Received the Minister of Environment award, commemorating the 1st Resource Recycling Day

2010. 10

Merged RCE Korea / Declared Zero Debt Management / Participated in Green Energy Contest


The Leading Green Company

AThe Leading Green Company, we have built up the ecosystem by carrying out the reduction of hazardous substances.
By utilizing Eco Technology, we care not only about production processes, but also products.
We want to make a better tomorrow as a company that respects people and the environment.

2011. 06

Launched Smart Boiler, the first of its kind in Korea

2013. 09

Declaration ceremony for social responsibility practice movement among labor, corporate and government President award as an Outstanding Company
in Middle-age Employment

2015. 01

Launched the Smart Wi-Fi boiler

In line with the distribution of Internet of Things, Rinnai released the Smart Wi-Fi Boiler (Model no.: RCM54 / RM531), which notifies the status of the boiler 24/7 via smartphone and enables remote control of all features including heating, water temperature control and timed heating setup anywhere anytime.

2015. 02

Launched "Ramen Cook", automatic ramen-cooking gas range, the first of its kind in Korea

2016. 05

Participation in SEOUL FOOD 2016

As one of Asia’s Four Great Foods Exhibitions which is attended by 1,000 companies, Rinnai has introduced all of commercial Appliance Line-Up like Dish Washer, Fryer, Rice Cooker, Steam Convection Oven etc.

2017. 02

Participation in the Mam & Baby Expo

The brand name of Gas Laundry Machine "HAEMIL," is a Korean word meaning "a clear sky after rain." Through this exhibition, Rinnai has introduced the excellence of HAEMIL and has taken a chance to get the product position as the necessity.

2018. 05

Managing Director Mr. Jo-Nam-Geun was awarded Silver Tower Industrial Medal in Invention Day

2018. 05

Participation in Mom & Baby Expo
with Gas Dryer “HAEMIL”

At the 28th International Children's Education Fair, Mom & Baby Expo, Rinnai introduced laundry dryers, microwave ovens and a food waste disposal machine.

2018. 12

Rinnai Jewell Awarded The Highest Award in
Pin-Up Design Competition

The Jewell, which has been awarded the Highest Award, is the Premium Product that has Kitchen Technology. The Jewell has been designed to make consumers satisfied with its efficiency and usability through UX.

2012. 07

Receive the 30th Grand Prize in Commerce & Industry

2013. 04

Kang Young-Chul is sworn in as CEO

2013. 12

Received the Bronze Tower Industrial Medal for creating job opportunities

2014. 04

Held a construction completion ceremony of
a 1,000-ton press Held the commemorative music
concert for 40th anniversary of Rinnai Korea's establishment

2015. 01

Providing gas ranges for all Habitat families

2015. 06

President Kang Young Chul received 33rd Incheon Chamber of Commerce & Industry Grand Prize in Social Welfare sector

2016. 05

It is the world's first dishwasher

To solve the problem of using conventional Dish Washing Machines, Rinnai’s unique gas-boiler technology has been combined in a dish washer. This means that hot water can be supplied through the built-in water heater for pre-washing while using the Dish Washer. It is the world's first dishwasher with this new concept.

2017. 09

For the first in the industry, Rinnai has been certified by Green Certification for Gas Range product

2018. 01

Condensing boilers which is certified by The Department of Environment are launched

2018. 05

Introducing Full-line Up of Commercial Appliance in International Food Industry Competition

At the exhibition in KINTEX, ILSAN, Rinnai has presented about 30 kinds products including new products such as Refrigerators, Baking Machines, and Bakery oven, which were recently released.

2018. 07

Sponsorship Agreement with Social Welfare Corporation “Warm Companion” by sponsoring Dryer for neglected class of people

2019. 01

Premium Model RBR-GF7500 was launched

RBR-GF7500 is the premium product that contains half-century-old kitchen technology and good design with elegant-colored ceramic glass and European style casting Grate, etc.