Rinnai Korea Terms of Service

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1 (Purpose) These terms of service (the “Terms”) specify service usage conditions, items regarding procedures and all other required items provided through the website (the “Site”) of Rinnai Korea (the “Company”). Article 2 (Definition) The definitions of the terminology used in the Terms are as follows. 1. “The User” is a member who logs into the Site and uses the services provided by the Site according to the Terms. 2. “Member” is the one who provides his/her personal information to the Site, signs up for a membership, is consistently provided with the Site’s information and continuously uses the services provided by the Site. 3. “Non-member” is the one who uses the services provided by the Site without signing up for a membership. Article 3 (Statement and Revision of Terms) 1. The Company shall post the details of the Terms as well as information on company name and dealership addresses on the main page of the Site for all Users to clearly see. 2. The Company may revise the Terms for any rational reasons, and if the Terms are revised, the enacted date and reasons for revision shall be clearly stated on the main page of the Site along with the current Terms and shall be notified from 7 days prior to the enacted date until the day before. 3. The Company may revise the Terms only to the extent of not violating relevant laws such as regulations of the Terms, Framework Act on Electronic Commerce, Digital Signature Act, Act on Promotion of Utilization of Information and Communications Network, Door-to-door Sales, etc. Act and Consumer Protection Act. 4. If the Terms have been revised, the revised Terms only apply to contracts signed after the enacted date and, for those signed prior to the date, the Terms used prior to the revision shall continue to be applied. However, if a User who already signed a contract in the past notifies the Site his/her desire to be subject to the revised Terms within the time period explained in Clause 2 and receives an approval from the Site, the provisions of the revised Terms shall be applied. 5. Members may discontinue the use of service and terminate the contract in use if they do not agree to the provision of revised Terms. Article 4 (Rules other than Terms) If items not stated in the Terms are specified in relevant laws, the regulations of the relevant laws shall be obeyed.

Chapter 2 Membership Sign-up and Service Use

Article 5 (Service Use and Restrictions) 1. The Member may use the Site 24/7 and 365 days a year, as long as no corporate or technical issues exist. 2. A part of the services provided by the Site is available only for the Members who have signed up for memberships and log in with Company-approved ID and password. 3. If the Company shall conduct regular inspections or replacement of system, etc., the time of use for the previous clause may be restricted after a prior notification to all Members. 4. For stoppage of service due to reasons explained in Clause 3, the Company may either notify Members individually via e-mail addresses that they originally submitted the Site or, for many and unspecified people, replace the individual notification with posting on the main page of the Site 3 days prior to the service stoppage. Article 6 (Membership Sign-up) 1. The User shall follow the signup format as specified by the Company to enter his/her personal information, and applies for a membership by agreeing to the Terms. 2. Among the Users who have applied for membership as explained in Clause 1, the Company registers as Members those who are not applicable for any of the following. ① If the applicant has a prior experience of losing membership rights according to Article 7 Clause 3 of the Terms, except for those who lost their membership 3 years prior to a new registration and are approved for a new membership ② If an applicant fails to enter his/her actual name, phone number and email ③ If false, omitted or incorrect information is included in the application ④ For all other cases in which the Company deems a certain approval of a membership brings significant technical hindrances to the Company 3. The establishment of a membership contract shall be the point at which the approval of the Company reaches a Member. 4. For membership signups of 14-year-olds or younger children ① A person who is 14 years old or younger may be registered as a Member only after his/her legal representative’s name, e-mail address, contact information and its relationship with the applicant are entered and the legal representative agrees to the Terms. ② A legal representative shall sign directly on the membership agreement form, provided by the e-mail address of the legal representative, and it is deemed that an agreement to the Terms is made when a signed agreement form reaches Rinnai Korea. ③ If a legal representative does not have a valid e-mail address, Rinnai Korea shall take a suitable measure to allow the legal representative to agree to the membership signup. ④ A legal representative shall sign the aforementioned membership agreement form and submit to the following contact or address via fax or mail. Fax: 032-570-8979 Address: Rinnai Korea Corp. IT Strategy Team, 39, Gajwa-ro 12beon-gil, Seo-gu, Incheon, Korea 5. If a change is made to registered information listed in Article 10 Clause 1, a Member shall notify the Company about the information of revision via e-mail or other methods. Article 7 (Membership Withdrawal and Loss of Rights, etc.) 1. A Member may request the Company any time for withdrawal of membership and the Company shall process the withdrawal immediately. 2. If a Member conducts any of the following actions, the Company may terminate his/her contract for usage of the Site without a prior notification. ① If an action goes against public order and traditional custom ② If it is related to a criminal activity ③ If service usage is planned and/or implemented to obstruct public or social interests ④ If ID and password stolen from another person are used ⑤ If damages and disadvantages are inflicted on another person’s reputation ⑥ If a User registers with a second ID ⑦ If a healthy use of services is hindered and obstructed ⑧ If other relevant laws and Company-specified conditions of use are violated 3. If membership rights are taken away by the Company, the membership is terminated. In this case, the Company shall notify the Member and provide an opportunity for an explanation prior to termination of the membership. However, the explanation shall be submitted to the Company via e-mail, etc. within 7 days of the arrival of a notification. Article 8 (Notification to Members) 1. Whenever the Company notifies a Member, the notification may be made to an e-mail address that the Member originally submitted to the Company. 2. For notifications made to many and unspecified Members, the Company may replace the individual notification with posting on the Company’s Site for more than 1 week. Article 9 (Membership Benefits) 1. A Member shall have the priority in participation of various future events hosted by the Site. 2. Among various information services, a Member shall receive the benefits of services exclusive for Members.

Chapter 3 Obligation

Article 10 (Protection of Personal Information) 1. When collecting information, the Company shall collect a minimum amount of information required to carry out a purchase contract. The following items shall be required and other items shall be optional. ① Name ② Address ③ Phone Number ④ Desired ID ⑤ Password ⑥ E-mail Address 2. If information of a User, which can be used for his/her personal identification, is collected, the Company shall receive an agreement from the User. 3. The personal information provided shall not be used for purposes other than those specified by the Terms or given to a third party without the consent of the User, and all of the responsibilities regarding misuse or mishandling of the personal information lie in the Company, except for the following cases. ① If the minimum amount of User information (name, address, phone number, etc.) shall be provided to a delivery company for delivery ② If a specific request is made by relevant government agencies for the purpose of investigation based on relevant laws ③ If it is required for statistical input, academic research and field investigation and provided in the form by which an individual cannot be identified ④ For all other cases in which specific requests are made through the procedures established by relevant laws and regulations 4. If the Company shall obtain the consent of the User based on Clauses 2 and 3, items specified by Article 16 Clause 3 of Act on Promotion of Utilization of Information and Communications Network, including the identity of the personal information manager-in-charge (team, name, contact info such as phone number, etc.) the purpose of collection and use of information, and items related to provision of information to a third party (the receiving party, purpose and details of the provided information), shall be clearly state or notified in advance, and the User may withdraw his/her consent any time. 5. The Company shall limit and minimize the number of managers in charge of protection of personal information, and be responsible for all damages that a User faces from the loss, theft, leakage and/or falsification of personal information, which includes credit card number and bank account number. 6. The Company or a third party that has received personal information from the Company shall immediately destroy the information once it achieves the original purpose for collection or provision of the personal information. Article 11 (Obligations of Company) 1. The Company shall not perform any actions prohibited by relevant laws and these Terms, and shall strive to provide goods and services in a consistent and stable manner, as specified by the Terms. 2. If damages are inflicted upon a User because the Company carries out certain unfair labeling, advertisements or actions, as specified by Article 3 of [Act on Fair Labeling and Advertising], on any goods or services, the Company shall take full responsibilities of compensation. 3. The Company shall not send advertising e-mails for the purpose of profit making if the User does not want to receive them. Article 12 (Obligation on ID and Password of Members) 1. All responsibilities in management of ID and password shall lie in Members, except for the case explained in Article 15. 2. The Member shall not allow a third party to use his/her ID or password. 3. If the Member recognizes that his/her ID and/or password have been stolen or a third party is using them without his/her consent, the Member shall notify the Company immediately and, if the Company informs of a necessary procedure, follow the procedures as guided by the Company. Article 13 (Obligations of User) Users shall not perform the following actions. 1. Use of false information during registration or revision 2. Revision of information posted on the Company’s Site 3. Transmission or posting of information other than that specified by the Company (computer software, etc.) 4. Violations of intellectual property rights including copyrights of the Company or a third party 5. Actions that damage the reputation or obstruct the work of the Company or a third party 6. Actions that post or make public any obscene or violent messages, video or audio that goes against good public order and customs on the Company’s Site Article 14 (Management of Members’ Posts) If the Company deems what a User has posted or registered to be applicable for any of the following, it may delete the posted materials without any prior notification. 1. If the post maligns another person or the Company and damage the reputation of an individual, group and/or the Company 2. If it is an obscene or violent message, video or audio data that goes against public order and traditional customs 3. If it is related to a criminal activity 4. If it violates any rights of another, including copyrights 5. If other relevant laws and Company-specified regulations are violated Article 15 (Possession and Restriction in Use of Copyrights) 1. The copyrights and other intellectual property rights on the literary work written by the Company shall belong to the Company. 2. The Member shall not take the intellectual property rights of the Company or another person, acquired during the use of the Site, and use them for the purpose of profit making or provide them to a third party via duplication, transmission, publishing, distribution, broadcasting or other methods, without the prior consent of the Company or the person. Article 16 (Relationship between Website and Lower Website) If the Site (www.rinnai.co.kr) is connected to lower Sites in the form of hyperlinks (including text, image, video, etc.), the Company shall not take the responsibility of warranty on contracts and other transactions that the lower Site signs with the User for supplying of goods or services.

Chapter 4 Dispute Resolution, etc.

Article 17 (Exemption from Liability) 1. If services cannot be provided due to natural disasters and equivalent events beyond one’s control, the Company shall be absolved from the responsibility of being unable to provide services. 2. If any malfunction or failure occurs in the usage of the Site due to the fault of a User, the Company shall be absolved from any responsibilities. 3. The Company shall be absolved from any responsibilities regarding the information, materials, reliability and accuracy of the facts posted on the Site by the User. Article 18 (Resolution of Disputes) 1. The Company shall establish and operate an organization to handle damage compensation in order to review all reasonable claims and complaints from the User and process compensation of damages and losses caused. 2. Specifying a person in charge of damage compensation and his/her contact information shall replace establishment and operation of a damage compensation handling organization. 3. The Company shall process the complaints and claims submitted from the Users with a priority. However, if a fast processing is deemed difficult, the Company shall immediately notify the User on the reason and proposed processing schedule. Article 19 (Court of Competent Jurisdiction and Proper Laws) 1. All disputes between the User and the Company regarding interpretation of the Terms shall be filed to the court of competent jurisdiction according to the Civil Procedure Act. 2. If a lawsuit is filed as explained in Clause 1, the Korean laws shall be applied.