Rinnai News

- Top notched in Brand image and preference

- 63.5% of consumer think “Gas stove is Rinnai” 

- Close to 100% aided awareness

Korea industry brand power evaluation award is the most reliable to Consumer which was started In 1999 , Rinnai Korea has been selected no 1 brand 17 years consecutive years in the gas stove sector .

Rinnai Gas stove scored 815.4 point and has 300 point gap with 2ND notched brand and also got high score in brand image as well as brand loyalty all area .Specially Consumer choice Rinnai is top notched brand when it comes to gas stove thinking and almost 100% aided awareness through the nation wide .

This is results of constant product invention which reinforced safety and convenience , running Cost .As well auto flame control for fire safety and auto flame smart plus stove in the Korea are the good samples .

What is Rinnai smart plus stove is the right side big burner control the flame size by itself once the cooking ware got overheating .so it provide perfect safety and optimal cooking performance when it cook specially Korean dishes what it needs long time cooking like roasting ,griddling without  water .

And Rinnai inverted the W series stove which has consumer convenient focused with thermostat knob rotation angle 95 degree .It will loosen your wrist stress.

Rinnai design the anti overheating gas stove in the Korea first name as safull stove and have The largest patent of overheating safety device .

We appreciate for selecting no1 gas stove brand in 17 consecutive years to consumer and we spur To make better product .Rinnai Korea promise to lead the market with high tech product like auto Flame control which make your living space safe and convenient .