Rinnai News


On the 22nd, Rinnai was selected as No. 1 in gas boiler category of "2015 Premium Brand Index (KS-PBI)", overseen by Korean Standards Association and Management Research Center at Seoul National University.

"Premium Brand Index (KS-PBI)" is a brand asset comparison assessment system initiated in 2008 by Korean Standards Association and Management Research Center at Seoul National University for strategic management and improved competitiveness of brands.

Based on a large-scale domestic consumer survey activity, present values such as brand awareness, leadership and benefit as well as future values such as social responsibilities are all reflected to select the best premium brand.

Rinnai has scored the most points in all categories including brand image and social responsibility and such results stem from the fact that Rinnai has been consistently releasing products with reinforced consumer convenience, economy and safety.                                                      

As it has been leading boilers' smart evolution based on its technology in Internet of Things, Rinnai has recently released the "Smart Wi-Fi Boiler" (Model no.: RCM54 / RM531) early this year, which notifies users the status of the boiler 24/7 via smartphone and enables remote control of all features including heating, water temperature control and timed heating setup anywhere anytime.

A noteworthy point is the Smart Upgrade system that allows customers who currently have existing Rinnai Smart Boilers to use the Smart Wi-Fi boiler features only by replacing the temperature controller without having to purchase the main body.

(Models able to be upgraded: 4 basic boilers including R330, 4 condensing boilers including RC33, etc.)

 Rinnai has been improving its brand values by continuously releasing high-efficiency, eco-friendly products that can satisfy our customers' needs, and will propose a new paradigm in the boiler industry and IoT market with the Smart Wi-Fi Boiler.