Rinnai News


Through a strategic partnership with SKT, Rinnai Korea has launched "Smart Wi-Fi Boiler" on SKT's IoT (Internet of Things) SmartHome platform".

Rinnai Smart Wi-Fi Boiler has been a sensation in the boiler market by equipping its boilers with a remote control function via a smartphone app as well as alarm and other various convenient features.

Launching of this product enables not only a total control of all of the boiler's features including heating, water temperature control and smart control function any time anywhere via SKT SmartHome app, but also an integrated control of other devices within a home that are linked to SKT SmartHome. Also, the Smart Mode allows to use functions such as Going Out or Vacation modes that improve user convenience. 

 To commemorate the launching on SKT SmartHome, unlimited coupons for use on SKT SmartHome, exclusively for Smart Wi-Fi boilers, will be offered to both new and original customers who have purchased the Smart Wi-Fi boilers. It is very simple to use the coupons. First, download a SKT SmartHome coupon from Rinnai app and register it on the SmartHome app. Then, up to 5 family members can use a single coupon simultaneously.

 Another remarkable element of Rinnai Smart Wi-Fi Boilers is the Smart Upgrade system. Customers who currently use Rinnai Smart Boilers are able to use the Smart Wi-Fi boiler features only by replacing the temperature controller without having to purchase the main body (models able to be upgraded: 4 basic boilers including R330, 4 condensing boilers including RC33, etc.)

 The boiler market has recently been shifting its focus from competition for functional improvement to improvement of consumer convenience, and we will continue to actively participate in strategic partnerships with telecommunication companies to open up the new era of the Internet of Things.