Rinnai News

The all-new Smart Boiler (Model No.: R323) with improved user convenience and an intuitive indoor temperature controller has been launched.

This new model applies a room temperature-ondol conversion button on the indoor temperature controller, which allows a simpler change of heating methods, and also features a 3-step control button, high-medium-low, to set the water temperature more conveniently. Also, the heating controller has been shaped into a dial, which allows easier setting of heating temperature control.

In the "Smart Ratio Control System", flames self-adjust once a preset temperature is reached, so only the necessary amount of heating can be done to reduce gas cost. It also boasts fast water heating speed, which enables a number of users to simultaneously enjoy an ample amount of warm water without any change in temperature.

As the NOx rating indication has become obligatory since 2013, the system is equipped with Rinnai Korea's state-of-the-art low-NOx burner, minimizing air pollution with its Grade A NOx system by reducing the emission of CO and NOx by more than 70% and 50%, respectively.

It contains various safety features such as primary gas pressure reduction sensor, overheating-protection dual safety device, freeze-protection heater, system self-diagnosis and surveillance feature that can help protect homes. In addition, its slim design improves convenience in mobility during installation and utilization of even a small amount of space.

Considering users who may have difficulty in controlling a boiler's indoor temperature controller, we have focused on making the control easy and simple for people of all ages. Experience Rinnai Korea's low-NOx technology that not only improves convenience in control but also reduces gas cost and saves the environment.