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Basic spectification

safety system Overcurrent circuit breaker / Door safety system / Water level control system / Latency detection system / Short circuit breaker Water supply(A) 20A
Drainage(A) Φ39 Flexible hose Power 3-phase AC220V / 60Hz
Size(WxDxH)mm_open - Weight(kg) 170
Gas port - Type Rack Conveyor
Heat source Electric Size(WxDxH)mm_close 1,340×780×1,550

Gas consumption

LPG(kW, kg/h) - LNG(kW, kcal/h) -

Power consumption(kW)

Wash pump 2.1 Rinse pump 0.09
Power consumption 7.6    


Tank capacity 77ℓ Method Top/bottom dimensional spray fixing nozzle
Flow rate 600ℓ/min. Washing water temperature 60℃±10℃


Method Top/bottom dimensional spray fixing nozzle Flow rate 22리터/분
Rinsing water temperature -    

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